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In England and Wales, National Inter Faith Week ran from Sunday 21st to Saturday 27th of November 2010. The objective of this national initiative was to further mutual understanding and respect between faiths, in our increasingly multicultural society.

Here in Derby Interfaith Week was an opportune moment to launch the fruits of a project that had taken many months to complete. This was the launch of “The Directory of Faith Communities and Organisations in the City of Derby” which unsurprisingly, has been shortened to “the Faith Directory.”

This is the first time a Faith Directory that has included none Christian faiths and organisations has been created in Derby. The objective is to enable new networking relationships to be made and to ease that general process of communication.

Many churches, mosques and temples are listed in the document with various associated details, addresses, telephone numbers, emails and websites. Included in the Faith Directory are contact details for both the Derbyshire Pagans and the East Midlands Pagan Federation-Derbyshire Division. In the case of the former an email is listed and in the latter case, my own mobile number. It is hoped that in future editions, which will not see the light of day for at least two years due to the cost involved, further details will be added including the Pagan Federation website address and contact emails.

By its very nature a document of this nature is out of date once printed. Details will change and the document is not comprehensive, some churches, mosques and faith organisations will have been missed. However, the importance of this document as a networking or communication tool must be emphasised.

For the first time an attempt has been made to document all faith groups on an equal footing and the inclusion of minority faiths such as our own is a major step forward in Interfaith relationships.

Report by Chattering Magpie, Pagan Federation Regional Coordinator for Derbyshire. (© Griffith 2010).

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